Creating a Sustainable Future: Understanding the World Around Us

May 20, 2024


In today’s rapidly evolving world, sustainability is a top concern across all industries, including the out-of-home (OOH) advertising sector. As we aim for a more environmentally conscious future, accurate measurement and responsible practices are essential. UNESCO is launching World Metrology Day on 20th May 2024 which will be celebrated every year. This year’s theme is aptly named “Sustainability,” highlighting the role of measurement in fostering a sustainable global economy and environment which aligns perfectly with the mission of Moving Hearts 2.0.

Sustainability in Media

Moving Hearts is taking initiatives to enhance the OOH advertising sector through ethical and environmentally responsible practices. Our flagship program seamlessly adopts ESG principles into every aspect of our operations, setting better standards for sustainable advertising.

Through our Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon Emission in OOH Advertising initiative, Moving Hearts 2.0 actively strives to forge sustainable partnerships with media owners & advocate for the adoption of renewable energy sources across the OOH advertising landscape. We also run digital, awareness campaigns by producing & disseminating critical information & educational content to raise awareness on responsible advertising best practices, inspiring stakeholders to make conscious choices that prioritizes environmental preservation.

Measuring Usage of Energy in OOH

For more than a year, Moving Hearts has been actively connecting charities and important causes with available DOOH inventory for outdoor advertising, spreading their message and raising awareness. Moving Hearts 2.0 aims to set new standards for eco-friendly practices in the industry. This initiative will not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also inspire other companies to adopt greener practices. We strive to make a significant positive impact on both the advertising world and the environment, ensuring that the messages that matter most are delivered in the most sustainable way possible. Measuring how efficiently energy is used in outdoor advertising is important for reducing harm to the environment.

Our Approach

Our approach is to partner with media owners and stakeholders to set standards and for reporting energy usage across various types of digital billboards as well as guidelines for printing materials for static billboards. This involves creating a framework to measure and track energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Moving Hearts 2.0 plans to encourage media owners to switch to renewable energy sources, like solar or wind power, to run their displays. This can cut down on the energy consumption caused by outdoor advertising.

Also, Moving Hearts 2.0 will team up with tech companies to promote the development and use of energy-efficient hardware for outdoor advertising. This includes displays that use less power, better lighting tech, and smart systems that adjust brightness or turn off displays when they’re not needed.

Measuring for a Greener Future

Embracing metrology in the OOH advertising industry can pave the way for numerous sustainable initiatives by Moving Hearts. For instance, precise energy consumption measurements can guide the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, such as solar-powered billboards or LED displays with optimized brightness levels. Additionally, metrological data can inform the development of eco-friendly materials and sustainable sourcing practices, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy approach.

Call to Action

To achieve a sustainable DOOH advertising industry, collective action is essential. Moving Hearts invites media owners, advertising agencies, and brands to join this effort. Below is how Moving Hearts 2.0 plans to address energy efficiency and sustainability in the out of home advertising industry:

  1. Carbon Footprint: Moving Hearts 2.0 will strive to reduce the carbon footprint of DOOH advertising by supporting environmental projects and initiatives that lowers carbon emissions.
  2. Sustainable Partnerships: Partnerships with OOH media owners to create eco-friendly advertising spaces. Support renewable energy initiatives to power digital displays.
  3. Educational & Awareness Campaigns: Moving Hearts 2.0 will consistently inform advertisers and consumers about sustainable advertising and encourage responsible consumption and production through impactful campaigns.
  4. Create industry-wide standards and guidelines for measuring and reporting energy use in DOOH advertising. Ensure consistent and transparent energy consumption practices across the industry.
  5. Encourage DOOH platforms and displays to embrace renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies.
  6. Partner with technology providers and manufacturers to create and deploy energy-efficient hardware and intelligent power management systems for DOOH.

Through these efforts, Moving Hearts 2.0 hopes to operate the out-of-home advertising industry towards a greener, more sustainable future, minimizing its environmental footprint and combating climate change.


As we commemorate World Metrology Day, let’s acknowledge the essential role of precise measurement in advancing sustainability, especially in DOOH advertising. Through Moving Hearts 2.0 we harness data-driven insights to gauge environmental impact, set targets, and enact effective mitigation strategies.

Realizing a sustainable future in DOOH advertising demands collective effort, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to progress. By embracing metrology principles and uniting under the Moving Hearts 2.0 mission, we foster transparency, accountability, and a unified approach to overcoming challenges.