Top FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Moving Hearts. Our FAQ page covers topics such as eligibility, benefits, and how to get started.

Top FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Moving Hearts. Our FAQ page covers topics such as eligibility, benefits, and how to get started.

The key partners that support Moving Hearts are the sponsors, which include media owners, CSR partners, trust foundations and institutions, and the beneficiaries, which consist of nonprofit organizations, NGOs/INGOs and organizations that support charitable causes.

Moving Hearts partners with charities, NGOs and INGOs with good standing. All charitable organizations must be registered with the relevant authorities and have a clear and measurable impact on their communities.

Moving Hearts is the social responsibility and sustainability arm of Moving Walls Group, a DOOH enterprise platform provider. Moving Hearts operates using Moving Walls' DSP platform MAX and SSP platform LMX.

Moving Hearts offers digital out-of-home (DOOH) media slots to charitable causes on a non-guaranteed basis in collaboration with its media owners. For a targeted campaign with guaranteed slots, a discounted fee is offered.

Charities can submit their message as an image or video in JPEG, PNG, or MP4 format. Video submissions should not be longer than 15 seconds

Yes, charities are free to add a call to action to their creative design, such as a link or QR code that leads to their website or associated action. This is optional and may be considered in line with the charity's campaign objective.

The creatives are shared with the media partners who are offering their DOOH screens for approval, ensuring that no regulations are violated. Following this, Moving Hearts schedules the campaign and informs the charity of the location and duration before it goes live.

Moving Hearts is an initiative focused on social and sustainable good. We do not allow commercial entities to display their logo on our non-guaranteed campaigns for charitable causes. For a campaign sponsored by commercial entities, a paid campaign may be explored.

Yes, charities can run multiple campaigns with Moving Hearts. We understand that many causes require attention and resources, and we want to help charities reach their goals.

The creatives and location for a Moving Hearts campaign are shared with media owners for approval before a campaign goes live. Media owners with an LMX subscription have access to a dashboard where they can view the content that is playing on their screens at any time.

Yes, Media owners have the choice to support the causes that they care about. Moving Hearts approves all charities before they can display their messages on DOOH screens

Moving Hearts will share a campaign report with the media owners and charities with information on the campaign's duration, screen plays, and hearts reached. Moving Hearts also works with its charity partners to develop specific impact goals for each campaign.

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