Moving Hearts in Action: October & November Recap

December 13, 2023

Moving Hearts had an impactful period in October and November, empowering early breast cancer screening in Malaysia and supporting deserving causes in Vietnam through Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaigns. The campaigns reached over 1 million hearts globally and reflected our progress as we expanded our reach to a new market, reflecting our commitment to driving social impact through DOOH.

Empowering Early Breast Cancer Screening in Malaysia

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Moving Hearts partnered with the nonprofit organization Healthy Malaysia to raise awareness about the need for early breast cancer screening and detection.

Moving Hearts launched a Digital Out-Of-Home campaign in Kuala Lumpur on large-format digital billboards. The campaign aimed to encourage women to get screened for breast cancer by highlighting the high survival rate for early-stage breast cancer. The campaign creative included a call to action with a QR code that directed women to register for a free breast cancer screening program from 9 am to 2 pm at Datum Mall, Jelatek, Kuala Lumpur.

Moving Hearts deployed the campaign on DOOH screens provided by leading media partners DANA Screen and LEDtronics, targeting locations with increased footfall and a significant female demographic. The campaign’s strategic targeting and impactful messaging highlight the power of DOOH to drive awareness and promote meaningful initiatives.

Furthermore, the campaign demonstrated the value of first-party data in engaging the targetted audiences on the move. Audiences exposed to the campaign pDOOH ads were likelier to engage and follow through.

Being a one-to-many medium, pDOOH is ideal for driving reach and awareness, and the campaign campaign succeeded on both counts. It garnered a whopping 882,000 audience impressions in less than three weeks.

Inspiring Action in Vietnam: Making a Splash with Our Launch

In honor of World Children’s Day 2023, we announced our exciting launch in Vietnam with AdTrue, a leading media partner.

Saigon Children’s Charity – Saigon Children’s Charity (Saigonchildren) is a charitable organization that has supported disadvantaged children in Vietnam for over 31 years. They help children overcome economic, geographical, skill, and disability barriers to access quality education. Saigonchildren partnered with Moving Hearts to launch a DOOH campaign, encouraging people to visit the nonprofit’s website to learn more about their efforts and support their cause.

Global Village Foundation – The Global Village Foundation (GVF) is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides education and health care for children and rural villagers in Vietnam, established in 1999 by author and humanitarian Le Ly Hayslip. We collaborated with GVF, launching a DOOH campaign to raise awareness about the organization’s efforts. The campaign creative featured some of the most common names in Vietnam, empowering them to take responsibility for their ‘village’ with a final message: “Will you help our village?”.

Moving Hearts launched the campaigns on digital screens at Aeon Mall Tan Phu, one of the largest malls in Ho Chi Minh City, to reach a large audience and create a significant impact by spreading the nonprofit’s message. The campaigns are live and programmatically deployed to touch at least 100,000 hearts.

Driving Social Impact with DOOH

We’re thrilled to share our impact in October and November, thanks to the incredible support of our media partners! Together, we’re harnessing the power of DOOH media to amplify the voices of charities and community organizations, driving awareness and positive change.

Highlights that shine through:

  • 2+ million hearts reached as of November 29th, 2023.
  • 7 DOOH campaigns launched, helping deserving causes reach new audiences and raise awareness.
  • Global reach expanded: Moving Hearts is now active in 5 countries.

As we drive to propel Moving Hearts forward, connecting even more causes with the DOOH platform they deserve, we believe in the immense potential of DOOH to amplify good, and we’re dedicated to making it a reality. Thank you for being part of this journey as we make a difference, one screen at a time.