September Roundup: Moving Hearts in Action

October 9, 2023

Hello! It’s the time when we bring you the latest updates on Moving Hearts’ journey towards making a positive impact on the world through out-of-home (OOH) media. We have been busy expanding our footprint across Southeast Asia, forging valuable partnerships, and continuing our mission to harness the power of digital out-of-home (DOOH) media to illuminate social and humanitarian initiatives. Let’s dive into the exciting developments of the last month.

Moving Hearts Launches in Malaysia: A Promising Start

Moving Hearts kicked off on 5th September, on the International Day of Charity, with a significant milestone – launching in Malaysia. We are proud to announce partnerships with Media Owners Libroff, LEDtronics, and Alloy Advertising to execute philanthropic OOH campaigns for two incredible organizations in partnership with the fundraising platform Sokong: Youths United for Earth (YUFE) and Five Arts Centre.

YUFE: Moving Hearts collaborated with YUFE, a youth-led organization at the forefront of promoting environmentalism in Malaysia. Their campaign was aimed at commemorating World Youth Day to increase awareness of youth agency for a positive change in the community. YUFE’s environmentalism campaign was launched on September 5th with several prominent screens throughout Kuala Lumpur.

Five Arts Centre: The Five Arts Centre is a dynamic collective of Malaysian artists, activists, and producers dedicated to generating alternative art forms and images in the contemporary arts landscape. We provided the Five Arts Centre with DOOH media exposure to support their crowdfunding campaign to upgrade their tech equipment and settle studio and office rentals. Their campaign highlighted their 40-year contribution to the arts and culture collective, exploring diverse Malaysian identities shaped by multiple influences.

Singapore Welcomes Moving Hearts with Open Arms

Malaysia was just the beginning of Moving Hearts’s journey into Southeast Asia. We are thrilled to announce our expansion into Singapore with Anjels Media, where we hit the ground running with impactful campaigns.

World Alzheimer’s Day Campaign with Dementia Singapore: In a heartfelt collaboration, Moving Hearts joined forces with Dementia SG to commemorate World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21st. Their DOOH campaign was aimed at raising awareness about dementia and recognizing the invaluable work of caregivers for those living with the condition. The campaign featured a 15-second audio-visual clip that was displayed on screens in areas with a higher concentration of elderly people. The screens chosen for the campaign were tailored to target the elderly population, thereby emphasizing the messaging of Dementia Singapore. 

Promoting Mental Health with The Safe Space Foundation: We teamed up with The Safe Space Foundation to promote awareness and offer support for those struggling with mental health issues. The Safe Space Foundation offers invaluable services that empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives by fostering community and social connections and providing empathy and support. As part of their campaign, we displayed three different creatives on screens located in various residences throughout Central Singapore.

Expanding Reach in Southeast Asia

At Moving Hearts, we aim to leverage our platform in partnership with OOH media owners to automate the execution of philanthropic DOOH campaigns, connecting media owners with charities. This month, we took significant strides toward this goal by onboarding media owners in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Vietnam: Moving Hearts is now active in Vietnam, collaborating with Adtrue and Prowtech to spotlight meaningful causes and make a positive impact on society.

Indonesia: Moving Hearts is excited to partner with Indo Media and MRTJ in Indonesia to amplify charitable initiatives in Indonesia.

Philippines: Last but not least, Moving Hearts is ready to go live in the Philippines. We are excited to connect with Global Tronics and drive philanthropic DOOH campaigns.

As we wrap up this monthly update, we are filled with gratitude for our partners who have supported Moving Hearts’ incredible journey. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and impactful campaigns as Moving Hearts continues to make a difference across the globe.